Crisis Reservoir

What exactly is the Thirsty Lands Crisis Reservoir, and how does it fulfill our mission of providing clean, safe drinking water to those in need?

The concept of a crisis, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a situation that has escalated to a critical phase. Similarly, a reservoir is an extra supply or reserve. In the realm of uncontaminated drinking water, a crisis can arise suddenly and unexpectedly. At Thirsty Lands, Inc., our proactive approach involves maintaining a ready supply of water filters for immediate deployment.

At Thirsty Lands, Inc., we dedicate a portion of our donations to sustaining a Crisis Reservoir. This reserve is our commitment to being prepared for various emergencies, be it a natural disaster in Turkey, a chemical spill closer to home, a water-borne disease outbreak in Ethiopia, or a prolonged water crisis like the one experienced in Flint, Michigan. Our goal is to have a reserve equipped to provide lifesaving water filtration to those affected by such crises.

We source our filtration products from Pine Tree Companies, leveraging their cutting-edge technology. These superior filters employ NASA-endorsed space-age technology for contaminant removal, using electro-adhesion to attract and capture impurities like a magnet. Currently, we are equipping our reserve with handheld filters, each capable of purifying the equivalent of 1,100 16 oz plastic water bottles. This initiative not only aids in providing clean water but also contributes to reducing plastic waste.


    • Hurricanes​
    • Tornados​
    • Chemical Spills​
    • Fires​
    • Earthquakes​

    And any other disasters that threaten water sources!​


    Not only can we provide safe water to those affected, but also to the relief workers responding to these unfortunate disasters.​

    We aim to give others peace of mind during devastation​


    With this reservoir, we can reduce the need for bottled water, significantly lowering the negative impact they have on our environment.​

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